Fireplace Repair

We offer a full array of chimney services and repairs.  We have an in house mason and framer, there is no chimney repair or rebuild that we can not handle.

Some of the very common repairs and services that we offer are:

Prefabricated Panel Replacement
Refractory panels are used in prefabricated fireplaces to help block the metal firebox from direct heat, this is to ensure that the metal firebox does not get warped from the direct heat.  It is quite common for these panels to break over time and through usage, this is what they are made to do, take the excess usage out of direct contact with the firebox.

Reflector Shields
Our reflector shields are made out of 24 gauge steel and designed to keep the heat reflecting from your panels back into your living space.  The are custom fit to your firebox to ensure that you get the most protection available for your refractor panels.

Tuck Pointing of your firebox
Masonry fireplaces do not have the replaceable panels that a prefabricated fireplace has, as a result you can see missing mortar and cracked bricks, a tuck point can fix this.  At times this can get so bad that you need a full back and side wall rebuild.  With regular upkeep to your firebox you can avoid the need for a rebuild and restore the esthetics of your fireplace.  A majority of the time cracks in the fireplace are caused by too much moisture entering the flue, having a properly fitted chimney cap in place on your chimney as well as waterproofing of the brick you can cut down on moisture getting into the bricks.

Lintel Packing of the firebox
The lintel of the fireplace is one of the most common areas of decay, this is the area in the firebox where the box and the brick wall meet and are held up.  As the fireplace gets hot and cools this joint is constantly stressed causing the mortar to crack and move often in this area.  Regular checking of the lintel can help to get needed repairs done to this area before it becomes a danger to the use of the fireplace.

Full Firebox rebuilds
With an in house mason, even the need of full fireplace rebuilds does not stop us!  If you place your hand on the back firewall of your fireplace and push, do you feel motion or is it as solid as can be?  This motion is an indication that too much break down has occurred, this motion is from gaps created by moisture in the chimney, gaps where heat and embers can also sneak through.